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Invigorate your environment with a touch of nature & bounty of refinement.

Side tables, etageres, wall shelves, striking displays for art & keepsakes, benches, mirrors & more…


Custom pieces that demand attention from customers in store or online. Unique and unforgettable shopping experiences guaranteed with your merchandise artfully displayed.

Sizes range from 6"-6'.


Stimulate avian environments, aqua-scapes, and inspire your own creativity with the striking spectrum of colors & textures afforded by Manzanita found in Ghostwood (whites), Heartwood (reds), and Soulwood (striated red/white).








Of its 105 species, 95 are found in the wilds of California. From low-lying, high-Sierra scrub to its low-elevation sister reaching heights of 20′, the Manzanita’s diversity is well suited to whimsical, on-of-a-kind design.

Each branch & burl demands its authenticity is respected as it transforms into furniture.Honoring the stark beauty of this wild wood is the only way to transform its tangled beauty into practical sculptures.

A lifetime of production-design, construction, art-production, fine art & craft are the sharpest tools in the OSO crew’s kit.

Each piece is unique and demands creativity and flexibility to transform your space with our modern heirlooms.   Read more…

Patty K.
Patty K.
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Much praise to the artist Cameron who built my unique sculpture (furniture) piece of California Manzanita wood. My small space was considered in the design. Displayed beautifully in my living room, I sometimes touch the branch. So smooth and it’s natural rich reddish color looks amazing against my white wall. The top branch reaches to the sky or heaven. Ten stars!!
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I had to change my name for this review cuz ppl would think if my name was cameron it would really be Cameron lying to you about who wrote it. 2 stars for confusion
Sandra K.
Sandra K.
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Gorgeous craftsmanship! We love our towel ladder, it’s expertly constructed, the wood is beautiful and smooth, the shape is unique and it fits perfectly in our space.

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