projects / hospitality / Sessions on 15th

- Setting the Stage -

Concept and execution for every aspect of this retro-inspired vinyl-bar in Oakland California.

Dream client, dreamy vision, textured & engaging design on every surface.

- all carpentry
- lighting design incl. custom pendants
- furniture &finish specs.
- color selection & painting
- muralist & artisan selection

This project was a testament to value engineering and clever applications of affordable material into an unforgettable space.

"its a vibe!" is the best and most consistent feedback.

photos by & Cameron Kephart

projects / fitness / STAR METHOD BOXING

- Clean, Sexy, Practical -

Collaborative design with owner/operator to bring a boutique experience to this expanded boxing gym

- 10'x10' slat wall
- millwork for cabinets
- reception desk
- 18' i-beam for kick bags

This luxe boxing gym is clean and simple, but packed with custom details. Client's vision was sharp and elevated, laying the grounds for a smooth process and stunning outcome.
Photos by Calder Powers @calder.powers

projects / retail / Gifty Kitty

- Balanced Maximalism -

Under the leadership of artist Clody Cates, I helped design this incredible gift shop/gallery/immersive psychedelic cat forest; wall to wall & floor to ceiling.

- concrete grinding & dying
- casework
- merchandising displays
- mural
- cabin
- lighting

This dreamy testament to creativity is also an example of budget mindfulness outshined by imagination.

"OH MY GOD", "WTF", "AWEEEEE!!!!"....This place puts a smile on everyone's face. Dogs welcomed. -
Photos by Clody Cates & Cameron Kephart

projects / furniture / manzanita

- Wildfire Scars : New Limbs -

Found Manzanita, engineered plywood, misc. hardwoods.

OSO is a full service furniture design studio harnessing found objects crafted by nature, imagined and transformed by human hands.

Custom pieces suited to all environments though the marriage of sleek design and rugged wood.

visit the faq page & contact us for information on ordering your unique piece.

projects / management / Obscura Digital – Madison Square Garden Company

- Cutting Teeth -

I pursued the 27,000ft2 renovation of Pier 1 & transformation of Pier 70 as acting general contractor. Working under an “owner’s representative” model of construction, we bid and contracted directly with 38 subcontractors/vendors to update the 80’s cubicle farm into a cutting edge technology studio. Working simultaneously with the SF Port, architects, creative services, IT, executives, producers, and internal fabricators made the road to a company move in 2 days smooth and exciting reality.

Photos by Patrik Argast & WDA Architects

projects / hospitality / Port Bar

- Kick-Starting the OSO Journey -

The design inspiration for this roof came from the terrazzo floors of the iconic Paramount Theater. The herringbone design provides a sleek and uncomplicated feel to the dynamic pitch of the roof sections.

Salvaged cedar, plexiglass, polycarbonate & container steel to support an Oakland queer space struggling during the COVID lockdowns. Client’s extreme budget due to pandemic restrictions was the perfect opportunity to polish some refuse into an eye-catching gathering space to treat the regulars and draw in new patrons. LEDs, container steel, and the lines of deck wood retains continuity with interior aesthetic.

projects / furniture / Gold Vibe

- Reclaim : Repose -

Reclaimed wood & glitter, 2022

Created for California’s premier kombucha brewery, tap room, and events center. These versatile double-decker benches honor the gold country aesthetic and inspire with their modern designs using 100% reclaimed wood.

projects / hospitality / Parklets

- Securing Sacred Spaces -

Early pandemic I volunteered with the Oakland Indie Alliance to help small businesses design and build parklets across Oakland to ensure the fabric of the Town remained tight.

Commitment now lies with introducing bold designs to ensure permanence in function & aesthetics for our beautiful city.

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