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Cameron Kephart is the Founder & Principal Designer at OSO. He grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California at elevation 2222’, where the Blue Oak trees and Manzanita meet with the Douglas Fir, Willow, and Foothill Pines. This land supported thriving cultures of the California Nisinan & Miwok, until Westward expansion and the Gold Rush brought drastic changes though the assault and theft of land, development, & ecological degradation. The region has since moved away from the exploitation of gold, and now harbors a diverse and artistic community connected to the bounty of the rich landscape. 

In Oakland since 2007, these hands have created everything from tree-houses to toys, project managed commercial renovations of San Francisco’s most iconic buildings including Pier 1 & Pier 70, & as a Public Health practitioner providing street-level health services. 

The design inspirations are derived from natural elements bringing a sense of connection to our life supporting environment into the home. Sourcing discarded and found materials is a source of dedication and inspiration in art & design, and suits perfectly the strange and unique opportunities that each branch of Manzanita provides.

Committed to sharing knowledge, Cameron works with emerging craftspeople to pass on the skills that many generous people have provided him. His foundation in equity is found through the employment of a diverse and magical cast of characters. 

There is a tremendous quality of craft and creativity in all of OSO’s pursuits. To explore past projects please visit

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