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Arctostaphylos or Manzanita is found in chaparral regions across the West Coast of North America. Its stunning diversity of species has long been used for medicine and sustenance. Its leaves can be used to treat poison oak rash, which often grows within the shade of the Manzanita, while its berrys make a strikingly rich jam, wine, or syrup suited for rustic cocktails. 
We source the wood from fallen, dead, or wildfire impacted zones of Nevada & Placer County, California.
The wood is ubiquitous in my hometown, and harbors memories of exploration, refuge and ruggedness. It offers a challenge as one of the densest and gnarled woods on the planet. Its density burns through blades and bits, making each creation a dance of what the branch is offering, and how deeply I am listening to its potential. When harnessed mindfully, the intensity of the wood can be elevated to offer grace and modernism despite its rugged and tortured raw state. 
Whether the design is dictated by artist, client, or spacial considerations, we cherish the opportunity to work directly with clients to create a unique piece of functional modern art suited to your desires. 
We invite you to browse our collection and identify pieces that you connect with. After initial inquiry, the first design correspondence will include two branch styles with multiple shelf options. The second design correspondence is our chance to iterate and solidify the design. Any additional design changes will be subject to a fee based on complexity of the piece. 
Price varies depending on complexity, height, and number of shelves. If an available piece doesn’t suit your needs, we can start with any past/sold pieces as inspiration with an approximate cost.
Typically, we are ready to ship custom orders in 6-8 weeks.
We are living in the future baby!..and thus accept payment from Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, Apple Pay & Credit Card.
UPS shipping rates vary depending on size. Local delivery within Northern California is available with corresponding transportation costs. 
We pride ourselves on the usability and durability of our modern heirlooms. Unless otherwise specified, each piece is finished using a high-end commercial grade sealer, but our pieces are not indestructible! You must take proper care to ensure they stay in top shape for decades to come. However, they are incredibly easy to live with! We use the hardest, highest quality wood available, build them with care, and apply the best finish available. 
Care instructions provided with all orders.
Yes! We stand by the quality of our work and warranty each of our pieces of custom furniture for the duration of my lifetime! Our warranty covers structural issues only. Even sealed wood is susceptible to moisture and temperature changes. Minor cracks may develop due to expansion & contraction in certain humidities and temperatures. It’s important to keep your custom piece in a stable environment, as humidity, moisture, and wear & tear issues aren’t covered.
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